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Selected Video Production Work

"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." — Henry J. Kaiser

Videos For Events

Videos we’ve made for awards dinners, fundraising events, and big presentations shown in front of a live audience.

ARch grants entrepreneur award video 2018

2018 Arch Grants Entrepreneur Award Video made for the 2018 Arch Grants Gala


Mayors St. Louis Mayors Business Luncheon Video

St. Louis Public Radio 2016

Annual Dinner Video made for St. Louis Public Radio

ARch grants entrepreneur award video 2017

2018 Arch Grants Entrepreneur Award Video made for the 2018 Arch Grants Gala


Mayors St. Louis Mayors Business Luncheon Video

St. Louis Public Radio 2018

Annual Dinner Video made for St. Louis Public Radio

Promotional Videos

Videos we’ve made that are intended to promote a service, product, event, or idea.

Theatre Trailer

Trailer for Hamlet at the The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Campaign Ad

Video made for Antonio French for Mayor campaign

Law Firm Ad

Ad made for Stange Law Firm

Website Promotion

Video made to promote a political campaign crowdfunding site featuring Ken Bone!

Dentist AD

Ad we made for a dental service made for use on broadcast and social media.

Sorority Promotion

Video used to recruit new members for the Delta Delta Delta sorority.

Law Firm Ad

Ad made for Stange Law Firm

In Room Promo Video for Hotel Company

LHM a local hospitality company needed this video to promote their other properties on their in-room TV channels.

Social Media Videos

Social media has it’s own unique and evolving visual language. It seems simple but the simple things can often be the most complex. We keep up with the trends and use this knowledge help you craft a story for your brand. Here are some examples of our successful social videos.

Retail Video Promo

Video made for STL Style

Video Business Card

Video business card made for Gaslight Vinyl

Video Business Card

Video business card made for Kamp STL

Social Media Video

Social Media Video made for Ace of Hearts Vintage Clothing

A Breakdown of Video Production Services we offer:


Ideas are everywhere. But ideas in and of themselves aren’t worth much unless you can execute them. And to execute, you need a plan. We know how to make it all happen, and it all starts in pre-production — the place where vision meets research, scripting, budgeting, casting, scheduling, locations and story boarding. It’s the backbone of the process, and nothing happens without it.

We can add the graphic elements to your video that will help explain, engage and enlighten. Professional title design, still photography and motion graphics will make your video look polished and professional. Ask about our full suite of affordable creative services.
This is where we capture the raw material for your project. Most of the time it’s shooting, but it can also include recording, music acquisition, and photography. Some projects require a large crew and talent, some might just require a camera person. Either way—we can cover it.
SEO & Social
Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting your stuff found by the right people on the web. We stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and technologies to help you solve the unique SEO problem of getting video found on social sites and YouTube.
Post Production
Some might say this is the most important step, and we would have to agree. Editing is the process where the raw material is crafted into a story. We pull the best cuts then place them in the right order for maximum impact. We prepare the final product for delivery, which can then be used everywhere from the big cinema screen to broadcast or the web.
Do you need a landing page for your video? Should you burn Blu-ray discs or DVDs? What are the benefits of putting a video on YouTube vs. Vimeo? Is Facebook a platform you should be paying attention to now? Getting your video out to the right audience can be almost as hard to do as making the video itself. We can help you decide the best way to distribute and market your video for maximum engagement.

We’re rolling out live streaming. We can now provide a multicamera live switched stream for your event with graphic overlays, etc. A live stream can enhance your reach and audience. Contact us at to talk about live streaming your event.

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… Would highly recommend Hydraulic Pictures for anyone who needs top-notch work done quickly and for a reasonable budget.

Gabe Angieri

Director of Development, Arch Grants

… professional, communicative, and had great ideas for the film, which [were] executed masterfully. Cheryl Wittenauer

Communications Director, Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Versatile, creative and great value. Highly recommended. Steven Fitzpatrick Smith

Owner, The Royale

Straightforward, collaborative, and always adding to the end result – that is how we would describe Hydraulic Pictures Jon Faulk

EVP Sales & Marketing, Faulk-Harrison

About Us

Bill Streeter

Bill Streeter


Bill Streeter founded Hydraulic Pictures in 2013 after years of working as a freelance video producer. Hydraulic Pictures quickly gained a reputation as one of St. Louis premiere creative video production companies and now services a growing list of prestigious clients that includes small businesses, to large corporations, and not for profits. He has produced hundreds of videos and is best known for creating the first-of-a-kind, award-winning music and culture web-video series Lo-Fi Saint Louis, as well as his feature-length documentary about St. Louis brick, Brick by Chance and Fortune. He’s also produced videos for brands like MTV, Mountain Dew, and Village Voice Media and several music videos for artists, including Pokey LaFarge.

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