Video Production Rates and Pricing

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It can be hard to find video production rates. Mostly because it can be very difficult to price out video production because there are a lot of variable with every production. Most video production companies don’t publish rates for a variety of reasons. Mostly because every job is unique and can have particular production needs. The biggest factors to consider when trying to estimate what a video will cost is the number of days of production, the number of locations needed, the number of crew members required in addition to dozens of other factors. Quality videos can be produced for a very small budget, and some require special equipment and crew to get the job done right. It’s highly variable,

In a very general sense every video requires the following categories of work and we break down your estimate into these three areas:

  • Pre-production (planning)
  • Production (shooting the video)
  • Post production (everything that is done with the footage once the production is complete)

In the interest of transparency and to illustrate a few of the factors that will impact the cost of your project, we base all of our bids for jobs on the rates below. But please bear in mind that the best way to find out what your project will cost is to reach out and request an estimate from us.


Ideas are everywhere. But ideas in and of themselves aren’t worth much unless you can execute them. And to execute you need a plan. We know how to make it all happen, and it all starts in pre-production—the place where vision meets research, scripting, budgeting, casting, scheduling, locations and story boarding. It’s the backbone of the process, and nothing happens without it.

Hourly $95.00


This is where we capture the raw material for your project. Most of the time it’s shooting, but it can also include recording, music acquisition, and photography. Some projects require a large crew and talent, some might just require a camera person. Either way we can cover it.

Here is our straightforward pricing for our basic production package. Additional crew available if needed.

One camera + operator: Half Day (up to 5 hours): $475.00
Full Day (up to 10 hours): $950.00

Two Cameras + 2 Operators: Half day (up to 5 hours): $725.00
Full Day (up to 10 hours): $1350.00

Post Production

Some might say this is the most important step and we would have to agree. Editing is the process where the raw material is crafted into a story. We pull the best cuts, time and pace them in the right order for maximum impact and get everything ready for delivery which can be everything from the big cinema screen to broadcast or the web.

Basic post production included basic titles and audio mixing and sweetening as well as output to the format of your choice.

Hourly $95.00