Eric Garland, a strategic trends analyst, contacted us to help him make a video to promote his upcoming Transition Economics Conference in St. Louis in May. Eric is a dynamic speaker and energetic personality so video was a good choice for him to get his message across.

We met and spoke to hash out some concepts and initially we thought maybe we’d do a video using a script Garland read as a voice over. But time and budget constraints made this less than ideal. So we thought maybe we would take a more personable approach and have Garland appear on camera in a ‘walk-and-talk’ scenario on locations that reflected some of the themes of his script. Now this approach wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone. But in this case we thought that intercutting the same script delivered in multiple locations might be just the thing to enhance Garlands energy, enthusiasm and humor. It’s not a particularly original approach but it’s not often used these days (because it’s hard to do from a technical and on camera talent stand point).

The idea for the style of this video was inspired by these Dennis Leary spots that appeared on MTV in the early 1990’s:

Obviously we put our own spin on the idea but we think it worked out. Garland has been pleased with the outcome.

Now Garland authored the script, which was long for this kind of video. And while it isn’t what we would have recommended, the approach to making and cutting the video in the way that we did made it a little easier for him to perform. Stoping and asking for the next line wasn’t an issue since the passages would be cut up into quick cuts across locations.

This video was shot over two half days and took about 12 hours to cut together and sweeten with one round of revision notes from Garland.

Such a fun project to work on and it was fun to collaborate with a personality like Garland on it!

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