You may have noticed that many video production companies don’t publish pricing. We think it’s a good customer service imperative to provide transparent pricing. Here is a breakdown of our pricing per kind of service. Of course many projects can be fairly complex so please don’t hesitate to consult with us to provide you with an accurate written estimate. Also see our package pricing tables for quick and easy job pricing.

Script, planning, scheduling, concept, story boarding

Ideas are everywhere. But ideas in and of themselves aren’t worth much unless you can execute them. And to execute you need a plan. We know how to make it all happen, and it all starts in pre-production—the place where vision meets research, scripting, budgeting, casting, scheduling, locations and story boarding. It’s the backbone of the process, and nothing happens without it.

Hourly $95.00

Camera, basic lighting and audio kit and professional camera operator, in high def 1080p or 4K.

This is where we capture the raw material for your project. Most of the time it’s shooting, but it can also include recording, music acquisition, and photography. Some projects require a large crew and talent, some might just require a camera person. Either way we can cover it.

Here is our straightforward pricing for our basic production package. Additional crew available if needed.

One camera + operator:

Half Day (up to 5 hours): $475.00
Full Day (up to 10 hours): $950.00

Two Cameras + 2 Operators:

Half day (up to 5 hours): $725.00
Full Day (up to 10 hours): $1350.00

Stock Footage, Stock Music, stock graphics, etc. can be a cost-effective way to give your project higher production values. Use of well-selected stock footage can save thousands in production costs.

Costs vary depending on the source, use, etc., and we have several libraries we can source from. For this research we charge $100 per hour, and most of these jobs take 3 hours or less. We offer suggestions and provide cost estimates throughout the process so you aren’t paying for something you don’t need.

Most smaller projects won’t require this crew member but some larger projects with complex audio needs might. The cost can vary depending on what kind of audio specialty and gear is required but often audio professionals can be hired for between $300-$800 per day.
Some might say this is the most important step and we would have to agree. Editing is the process where the raw material is crafted into a story. We pull the best cuts, time and pace them in the right order for maximum impact and get everything ready for delivery which can be everything from the big cinema screen to broadcast or the web.

Basic post production included basic titles and audio mixing and sweetening as well as output to the format of your choice.

Hourly $95.00

We convert the audio from your video into text for easy reference or documentation.

Closed captions for the hearing impaired are also available for your projects.

Per Minute of Video: $1.50

We’ve worked with some of the best talent in St. Louis. Prices vary depending on who we use but rest assured we can cast your project appropriately.

On-Screen Talent:

Half day: $300-$600
Full Day: $600-$1000


$400 Half Day
$800 Full Day

Price varies depending on talent but prices can run between $150-$600 for a 3-5 minute read. We can provide samples and custom quotes for your projects.
Larger projects sometimes require bigger crews and more gear. These costs can vary depending on who and or what is needed. If we determine that additional professionals are required for your project we can provide a full quote from our pool of selected, pre-screened freelance professionals.
Special digital video effects can be as simple as removing unwanted items from a frame to as complex as creating a 3D virtual set. Pricing can vary widely depending on the job but a good rule of thumb for estimating is $600 per final minute of special effect video.
These days we deliver most of our projects via the Internet; however, if you require hard drive delivery, we offer that as well, using your hard drive or one of our own.

Your Hard Drive $25 for projects under 2tb

Our Hard Drive $125 for projects under 2tb