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So last spring the Cherokee Street Business Association commissioned me to make a video to promote Cherokee as one of the great destination streets in the area. The idea was to capture the energy and diversity of businesses and people in the area. This seemed like a no-brainer at the time since we were already thinking about Cherokee street as a possible home for Hydraulic Pictures. Plus I personally have had a strong affinity for the neighborhood as a place with a strong DIY entrepreneurial spirit. Not only that but it’s just fun to hang out here.

So with that in mind I decided to take a montage approach to the video with one hook ,,, dancing.

I thought it might be a nice twist to stage various people, literally, dancing in the street. So the call went out on social media for volunteers to dance for the video. It was so great that the call was answered by both amateur and professional dancers alike. Among the professionals were Christian Frommelt and his dance partner Jenny Shirar of Lindy Hop St. Louis. Also on the pro end was Jasmine McNeely AKA Jeez Loueez of Van Ella Studios. Our amateur dancers included, Minerva Lopez, Chris Ward, Sharon (first name only) and Jordan Howe.

For the music after a bit of thought the choice was obvious. The Rum Drum Ramblers had recorded this great funky song–an anthem for South Saint Louis called South Saint Louis Boogie as a track on their Trading Dollars for Dimes album in 2010. I’ve always loved that song and it just seemed like a perfect fit for this project.

The other footage in the video had been shot over the summer at various events and non-events on Cherokee including Lo-Fi Cherokee, the Labor Day dumpster pool party at Fortune Teller, the Totem fest, Cinco De Mayo, the Peoples Joy Parade as well as some other events I’m can’t recall at the moment.

So there it is. Feel free to share the video around and show your pride in St. Louis.