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Ideas are everywhere. But ideas in and of themselves aren’t worth much unless you can execute them. To execute you need a plan. We know how to make it all happen and it all starts in pre-production; the place where vision meets research, scripting, budgeting, casting, scheduling, locations and story boarding. It’s the backbone of the process and nothing happens without it.


This is where we capture the raw material for your project. Most of the time it’s shooting but it can also include recording, music aquisition, and photography. Some projects require a large crew and talent, some might just require a camera person. Either way we can cover it.

Post Production

Some might say this is the most important step and we would have to agree. Editing is the process where the raw material is crafted into a story. We pull the best cuts, time and pace them in the right order for maximum impact and get everything ready for delivery which can be everything from the big cinema screen to broadcast or the web.


Search Engine Optimization is the magical art of getting your stuff found by the right people on the web. At least that’s what some SEO experts would like you to think. It’s actually not magic but a set of very straight forward and common sense techniques and getting video found on social sites and Youtube is a very unique SEO problem that we can help you solve.

Graphics and Design

We can add the graphic elements to your video that will help explain and enlighten. Professional title design and motion graphics will make your video look polished and professional. We can do other kinds of design or even still photography too. Ask about our full suite of affordable creative services.


Do you need a landing page for your video? Should you burn blu-ray discs or DVD’s? What is the benefits of putting a video on Youtube vs Vimeo? Is Facebook a platform you should be paying attention to now? Getting your video out to the right audience can be almost as hard to do as making the video to begin with. We can help you decide the best way to distribute and market your video for maximum engagement.

About Us

Bill Streeter
Bill StreeterCreative Director/Co-Founder
Bill has produced hundreds of videos and is probably best known for creating the first-of-a-kind award winning music and culture web video series Lo-Fi Saint Louis or his feature-length documentary about St. Louis brick, Brick by Chance and Fortune. He’s also produced videos for brands like MTV, Mountain Dew, and Village Voice Media as well as several music videos for artists including Pokey LaFarge.
Gretta Forrester
Gretta ForresterCo-Founder/Director of Business Development
Gretta is a 20 year veteran of the film and television industry. She’s produced everything from music videos to children’s television programing to industrial and training films for a wide range of national and local companies. She also has extensive experience working with non-profits and business. Hydraulic Pictures is her return to the business after a break to raise three children

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